Now that I have a baby in my home, I’m very aware of the products I’m using and what ingredients are in them. I did a quick Google search and was terrified to find what most candles emit. Basalt candles, however, are hand poured and use soy wax. They are safe to use and even better, they smell absolutely amazing.

They’ve been burning in my living room all week, and the smell lasts, but isn’t overpowering. I love the packaging obviously, and that they are white and black. They are both functional and beautiful, which is my favorite type of product. Definitely worth the hype and the price!

Also, as a web designer, I have to point out that I’m obsessed with the fact that when you hover over the candles on the shop page, they light up. Amazing.

Candle Breakdown

White Blonde might be my favorite scent. It is fruity and sweet. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it through the holiday season, but it isn’t exclusively a holiday scent. It’s not like apple cinnamon, which you really only want in fall/winter. It’s feminine and soft; also very cozy. I love almond anything, but this also has marshmallow and fruit in it. It sounds like too many good things put into one candle, but trust me, it’s the perfect combo!

Dark Tides smells like that attractive guy who walks past your desk during class. Very masculine and musky. I love a bit of Patchouli. This is a close second to White Blonde.

Sweet Tobacco is like Dark Tides’ younger sibling. It has a masculine vibe, but also some sweetness.

Saint Violet has a very romantic and floral scent. With flavors such as mandarin orange, jasmine, and vanilla, it is a soft and smooth combination.

Basalt also sells lip products. They are currently sold out, but I’ve tried the lip balm and the exfoliating lip scrub and I love them! I always have dry lips, so these are on constant rotation. (Also, I should probably drink more water if I always have dry lips. #newyearnewme)

These make the perfect gift all year round. They’re high quality and look stunning in any home.

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