• I am 100% Type A. I’m a worrier, multitasking, perfectionist. This means I often times create unrealistic goals for myself and to do lists that never get completed. Especially now as the mom of

  • Now that I have a baby in my home, I’m very aware of the products I’m using and what ingredients are in them. I did a quick Google search and was terrified to find what most candles emit. 

  • I tagged along with my mom and sister up to Canada this summer and we had such a blast! We were only there for the weekend for a friend’s wedding, but we definitely made the most of it. Since we

  • We were able to visit Flathead Lake in Montana to celebrate a wedding with some close friends of ours a few weeks ago. We stayed at a stunning lake house and every time we opened our curtains we saw t

  • The Estée Edit is a collection created in a collaborative effort by Estée Lauder, beauty influencers, and YOU. Sticking to the motto of, “Beauty is an Attitude,” this product line is meant

  • I love Christmas, I truly do. And for some reason, for just one day usually in July or August, I want it to be wintertime. Something within me simply yearns for the snow and hot cocoa. (I think it may